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Chimney Pots:
Chimney Pots
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Naturally our stock of reclaimed Chimney Pots can change on a day to day basis, here we have a pair of Brown Glazed barrel top Louvered pots, buff louvered insert, red roll top pot, red cannon head pot and a few others. We normally have a good selection of Cannon head, Roll top, Square and hexagon pots in different heights. So if you’re looking for a chimney pot or a garden ornament call in we think you’ll be pleased you did.

Reclaimed Slates:

Sizes ranging from 14" x 7" to 27" x 14" Welsh, Spanish, Blue Black, Purple and Westmorland green randoms.
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Reclaimed Bricks: Bricks

Reclaimed Bricks. Norfolk Reds and Cambridge Creams are a just a couple of the brick types we regularly stock. Feel free to ring, fax or e-mail , for availability before you visit us, of these and many other products.
You never know, we may just have what you are looking for.

Reclaimed Roof Tiles: Slate

A very wide selection of Modern and Discontinued reclaimed tiles such as red and smut clay Pantiles, French, Gaelic, Bridgewater Somerset (Number 13's), plus a wide selection of decorative half round, third round, angled and angled roll top ridge. Stocks can vary, please ring to check availability

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Examples of Rarer Reclaimed Products: Slate Slate