Reclaimed Building Supplied (Nch) Ltd
87 Barker Street, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 4TN
01603 663835

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SteveDack (MD & Owner)

Steve's Ethics
  1. To build a local family owned business with firm foundations
  2. Employ a select handful of knowledgeable staff
  3. Have a good selection of rare and hard to find roof tiles

STEVE DACK has been involved in the building merchant’s trade for over 30 years. In 1988 When the company he was managing decided to close down it’s Norwich site and sell the land for house building, he knew there was a need for a merchant selling reclaimed roofing materials to the trade and public sector. So with the help from a backer he started his own business at Wingate Way in Norwich.
To start with he took on a YTS boy, purchased stock and set about running a business of his own. It’s fair to say he’d be the first to admit the road so far hasn’t been an easy one, with two or three??? major recessions and a few large trade customers going bust, the easy way out would have been to close the doors and walk away, but a quitter Steve isn’t so through some very difficult times he’s got his head down and traded his way out of trouble.

Within a few years the business outgrew the site at Wingate Way so Steve and his partner decided to move it lock stock and barrel to its present location 87 Barker Street Norwich. In 1999 Steve decided to approached his partner to see if he would sell his share of the business, this he did and Steve is now the proud owner of Reclaimed Building Supplies(Nch.) Ltd.

So what does the future hold, who can tell? But Steve truly believes by keeping to his ethics his business will still be here in another 30 years.